Welcome to the Ultimate Low-Carb Lifestyle blog!

So glad you made it here. If you have not tried low-carb yet, then you are in for a treat.

Say Goodbye to yo-yo dieting, failure, and feeling deprived and hungry all the time!

Say Hello to eating delicious foods, feeling satiated, and losing weight forever!

This way of eating really does WORK. See my testimonial page here: Testimonials

Be sure to download my FREE guide, 10 Lesser-Known Secrets to Effective and Lasting Weight Loss, (to the right) if you have not already.

My guide and the information on this website will offer you a ton of information and get you started down the right path to achieving your desired body weight and improved health.

It's not so much about consuming "LOW" carbohydrate foods, rather it's about choosing "HEALTHY" carbohydrates, and knowing when to eat them. You want to pick carbohydrates that:

  1. Have a low Glycemic Index, meaning they convert to blood glucose slowly.
  2. Are nutrient-rich and "live" with chlorophyll, probiotics and digestive enzymes
  3. Are easy to digest and don't cause inflammation (for example, wheat does not fit this description)

If you want to understand the science behind why our bodies respond so well to this way of eating, and learn the science behind why:

  • Fat is GOOD for us and low-fat diets are actually MAKING us fat
  • It's OK to eat "clean" bacon
  • Many so-called "healthy" foods are actually BAD for us and are making us GAIN weight
  • Calorie restriction is BAD and will make us gain MORE weight in the long run

Then I recommend getting yourself a copy of The Lean Body Lifestyle. Abel packs this 111-page guide with the science and studies, useful information, eating programs, recipes, step-by-step guides and lots more. I promise you, this knowledge will change your life forever.

The term "low-carb" is a loose term that can encompass many different styles of eating. We have seen so many programs out there... everything from Dr. Atkins, to Sugar Buster, Paleolithic, Somercizing, The Zone and the South Beach Diet.

Low-carb eating can be confusing and it's hard to know WHAT to eat!

I have summarized many of these diets for you here, telling you what I like and don't like about each.

In my opinion, The Lean Body Lifestyle does an excellent job at explaining a simple program. I like his approach the best. Yet, on this blog you will find my own twists that have worked for me. Many I have incorporated from the other programs.

You can follow low-carb and be not so healthy, or you can follow it and be very healthy. These differences are what you need to learn.

Aside from my free guide (to the right), I find The Lean Body Lifestyle to be a great foundation to embark your journey.

Your next step will be to take your eating up a notch by learning the "dark side" of what we put into our bodies. It's really pretty scary when you dig a little deeper, and learn what resides in our foods.

You can watch this video and see what I mean here: The Dark Side of Fat Loss

For example, I was buying organic meats at Costco thinking I was helping myself and my family improve our health. Then I realized that this meat is really not all that nutrient-rich. Sure it might have less pesticides, but it's missing the key nutrients we require from our meats.

Our bodies are starving for nutrients, and it explains (on one front) the rising obesity problem in our society.

So many people consume an abundance of calories, and gain more and more weight, yet their bodies are screaming out for the nutrients they are not getting, thus causing them to feel HUNGRY all the time and eat even more.

You have to know... IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT!

You are simply missing key nutrients and so your body thinks your are STARVING, regardless of how many calories you eat.

It's also amazing how you can simply add these essential nutrients to your diet without changing ANYTHING else, and start to lose weight naturally. It won't be immediate, but after six months of adding these key nutrients to your diet EVERY day consistently, watch the magic take over!

I am running an experiment on my daughter to test this theory out myself. You can see the details here: (coming).

Why do you think it is that some people have weight issues while others are naturally thin when it seems they eat the same foods?

Jon Gabriel has a theory on this, as well as why adding the nutrients without "dieting" will allow your body to take care of itself. Watch this amazing 5 minute and discover more: Discover Why Dieting Makes You Fat

I hope you find this site useful!

Feel free to contact me anytime! And please leave me a comment below!

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  1. Cindy French says:

    I just started the low calorie and low fat diet at Curves. I find these diets leave me so hungry and within 2 to 3 weeks I have so not been able to do it. I sometimes binge and find myself doing behavior that is self defeating. Sneak food, binge, and use laxatives. Well no more, I will continue to exercise everyday but do the low carb life style. I am going to do the 30day challenge, but first I have to buy a new printer. See ya the 4th. Cindy

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